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Image by Adi Goldstein


Working with Studio in a Bottle, together we can influence what the customer pays attention to and market to them using a myriad of display technology and great looking ads. Lets start with an example of how this service would look like. 

Sally Smith owns a small shake shop with a large menu that grows monthly with new products being added, every week there is a new drink of the week that she wants her customers to really get excited about. How does she go about displaying her menu in a large format that can also accommodate changes on whim that will not take up valuable time and is easy for anyone to do. A printed sign could work, a chalkboard could work, a sign with insert-able letters could work, but each option has obvious downsides that hinders her ability for the menu to look good and/or be easy to change. Instead, she needs the Studio in a Bottle digital interior marketing solution that leverages consumer TVs, Wi-Fi, and a professionally curated and designed software implementation.

When partnering with Studio in a Bottle, you will receive a service that takes care of your digital interior marketing from start to finish. It works like this: 

You provide your own screens, mount them wherever you want in your store front, ensure there is Wi-Fi, then type out what needs to be displayed.

We take it from there. We design, format, layout, add pictures, and ensure that all information is up to date as long as you send us an email with changes. We take care of the leg work for design, upkeep, and software implementation to make the whole system work.

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